Manage your society with our handy mobile application!

A Society is where it's absolutely essential to guarantee people’s safety, manage risks, frauds, and protect property. They are still among the residents with the highest expectations. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management, which must meet demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications within the society.

Managing large scale and highly complex projects with professional security services manually is highly inconvenient. Nowadays,with mobile based apps providing solutions to almost all our daily needs, why should security of our residence be left behind? Thinking beyond a basic intrusion system and specifying a comprehensive solution that integrates smart features like access control,Society management and maintenance,Windoor will provide a security system that meets the most important need of high certainty.

Security of a community is a collective responsibility of – Security Guards, Apartment Residents and Management Committee. We bring all these 3 stakeholders together,collaborate them with the help of technology to make a community extremely secure.     ~ Windoor

With most apartment complexes now adopting technology for their management, residents through a single app can have track of their visitors,discuss with fellow owners, raise maintenance related complaints to the society, make maintenance bill payment, check events or leisure classes being conducted in the society, stay updated with any important communication from the committee.

Windoor opens door for

Visitor Management

No more intercomm calls!Allow visitors to enter straight from your mobile or allow entries days in advance. Instant visitor notifications to keep your gates secure.

Maintenance Management

Give your maintenance issues a voice with helpdesk.Also,Pay your maintenance dues easily.

Society Management

Build a safer Society by keeping proper check on all visitors,maintaining all records at one place,Services being used by the flat and communicate with your tenants instantly.

Audit Management

No more hassle to hire an auditor to audit your apartment.Windoor,in collaboration with a well-versed auditor,helps with the auditing of your entire society in a single app.

We are committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services.We strive to fulfill the needs of our clients with improved process, use of technology and experts' participation.